Welcome death!
Why have you waited so long?
In hurry I am not
Eternity I am.

Always at the right time
Coming I am.
Precision is my art.
Like a huge program,
I am working a lot.

Many dates I have
Every day,
Any minute
Many appointments,
Many customers,
Are waiting for me.

Enjoy your life
You will

One day,
We will meet.
And this day
Will be
The best day
Of your life.

You will be.
More beautiful
You will be.

More love you will be.
More me
You will be.

But take your time
Enjoy your life.
Every second of your life
Is my gift
Take it
Cherish it
Live fully.

Your friend I am
And you didn’t know it

Death and life
Are one
Two sides of the same coin
I am.

Only if you love death
Life you can understand
Only if you are prepared to die
Begin to live
You can,
I am one.
Welcome me
As I have welcomed you.

Without death
There is no life
Without life
There is no death

Without you
I do not exist
And without me
You do not exist.

This is why
Best friends

Poem by Kundun / Poème d Kundun

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